We offer in system Fortizar access to all of our members which allows easy access to carrier ratting and Rorqual mining without expending ISK on jump fuel.

It also comes equipt with attractive features like:

  • A full complement of offensive weapons systems​


  • Jump Clone Facilities

  • Corporate Hangars


Azbel Engineering Complex is a large-sized structure from the Upwell Consortium and is specialized in manufacturing and research operations.

  • For the industrialist, we have installed the Standup Manufacturing Plant that allows the manufacturing of any product

  • And for our space-bound shipwrights, we’ve installed a Standup Capital Shipyard service module that allows the manufacturing of Capital Ships

Athanor - Moon Mining

The Athanor is the standard refinery in the Upwell Consortium’s line of industrial structures. We have opportunities every week to mine moon ores. This includes rented moons as desired by the player base.


REB holds several Athanor facilities allowing the corporation to be a competitive industrial force. Our members are able to produce a gambit of modules and ships without requiring costly imports.


  • Facilities available for compressing ore



The movement of humans, animals, and goods from one location to another. In other words, the action of transport is defined as a particular movement of an organism or thing from a point A to the Point B.

We have the fixed infrastructure to get your goods where you need them.

  • We provide transportation in the system between facilities for free


  • Movement of ore and equipment between moons and facilities, intrasystem and intersystem, are negotiated by the transport pilot and are typically very affordable.

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