Rebels and Renegades is an EU & USTZ corp in Requiem Eternal. We are an industrial oriented corporation run by a group of like-minded mature players. The core group of players has been flying together all over Nullsec and Wormhole space and we welcome new and veteran players to join us.

CEO: Dougy Freash
  1. Don’t be a Dick

  2. Get in comms

  3. Join fleets

  4. Make ISK

  5. Sharpen your skills

  6. Represent -REB

Dougy Freash:

   I basically want to bring together a group of great people to play Eve Online with. When I started playing several years ago it was a bit more difficult to find groups, so I spent the first part of my Eve life in high sec. I believe the game really opens up in nullsec and I have met my greatest online friends goofing around out here in internet spaceship.


You don't have to be elite to get on kill mails and have fun with your friends.

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